New modes of work in the post-COVID office

New modes of work in the post-COVID office

It’s not over yet but companies are starting to prepare for the post-COVID office. Will there be a great rush for the office or is working from home here to stay? As a manager how do manage the transition and introduce better ways of working?

Listen to staff

It’s been a tough ride and the disruption to life as we know it reaches into every aspect of our lives. Some people really thrive working from home and some are desperate to get back to the commute. Now is the time to really listen to staff. What are their preferences, their concerns and frankly their fears about the post-COVID world?

If you want all your staff back for their 5 days a week in the office you may face some opposition. Those who have families, have lengthy commutes or a multitude of other reasons are likely to resist. Equally insisting on WFH will be difficult for some. Get a genuine sense of how your team are feeling and work together on a solution that suits everyone. Pool ideas and work through it.

What business lessons have you learnt?

Back to normal won’t happen. The pandemic has taught us too much. Really reflect on what you’ve learnt about your business in the last year. Which clients and customers stuck with you? How did your team perform under extraordinary circumstances? How did you cope as a manager? What would you have done differently in hindsight?

This is a fantastic opportunity to reassess your business. Can you diversify to secure the business offerings? Do you need city centre office space and company cars? Do you need to invest in superior business management software? Do you need to have regular mental health support for your staff even? How do you make your business the best it can be in the post-COVID environment?

Keep learning and expect a bumpy return to the new normal

One thing we have all learnt in the past year is not to take anything for granted. You can put a plan your post-COVID office now for the summer but expect it to change as soon as you’ve written it. Be flexible and be agile. Establish ways of insulating your business against further knocks.

Finally keep listening. Listen to the news, your clients, your staff and maybe most importantly listen to your heart. We don’t know what’s going to happen, no one in the world does right now. Don’t lose confidence and believe that your business is just about to be better than ever.

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